Who We Are

LifeWorth Vision (LWV) Uganda is a Christian focused non-denominational, humanitarian and developmental voluntary non-profit and non-governmental organization registered with the government of the Republic of Uganda with the vision to “Relieve the poverty stricken child”; through promotion of social-economic transformation, holistic development and promote justice

LWV offer Equal opportunity for all and harassment reduction, empowerment for children Maintenance, regeneration and improvement of the vulnerable children and families’ physical, economic, social and cultural infrastructure in line with the gospel of Christ Jesus and without discrimination based on tribe, religion, color, gender or sexual orientation

Our Vision

“Relieving the poverty stricken child”

Our Mission

To promote sustainable social-economic transformation, holistic development, and seeks justice among the vulnerable groups.

Strategic Objectives

  • To foster transformational development that is community based and sustainable focused mainly on needs of the vulnerable children, youth and families.
  • To Increase availability and accessibility to comprehensive HIV/AIDS, Improved quality of HIV/ AIDS and ultimately Increase uptake and utilization of HIV and AIDS and other health services
  • To strengthen partnerships and liaise with other government, donor agencies, well-wishers and other organizations with similar objectives and aspirations
  • To empower orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) care-givers and families to have access to a functional health facility, clean water source, safe environment, hygiene & sanitation, education, food security and sustainable agriculture, among others
  • When was LWV established and how far reaching are the Programs?


    LWV started as a small local Church youth group and grew into a competent development organization operating in Lango, Bukedi, Busoga and Central regions of Uganda. It was established by youth volunteers in 2007 in Lira district
    Now operates in 8 districts of Lira, Dokolo, Alebtong, Buikwe, Iganga, Bugweri, Tororo and Busia.
    LWV partners and collaborates with various stakeholders, ranging from grassroots community groups to churches, mosques, schools, farmers’ organizations and youth clubs

    Our Core Values

    Godliness LWV is committed to a development process that promotes equality for all humanity regardless of religion, sex, color and ethnicity/tribe.

    Integrity (Transparency, Stewardship, and Trustworthiness): LWV believes that we are stewards of God given resources since gold and silver are His and that all resources under our care are not our own but for the Lord and should be handled and used with integrity in most transparent manner and trustworthiness way to restore the dignity of every child

    Team work LWV believes in the unity of the team members of one body with many parts that functions differently but for the fulfillment of the one united body. There is power in unity as opposed to individualism.

    Accountability LWV strongly believes in being accountable at all times and to one another. We take responsibility of our own actions and seek to reconcile our individual actions with that of our creator, donors, partners and collaborators at all times

    Professionalism (Mutual Respect and Commitment) LWV believes in professional ways of doing things. We conduct our businesses professionally and uphold mutual respect and commitments at all times as professionals for the mutual benefit of all people we serve. We duly recognize and respect all professional movements and initiatives for sustainable development of a child

    Dr .Fredrick Omollo

    The founder of Life Worth Vision Uganda and horizontal managers of all projects and smooth running of the ministry .
    I know the experience of being having nothing. Atleast would like God's children to have something. Praise be to God. Am the general care taker of Orphans at the ministry. I take care of everyone in the ministry. I there fore encourage you to support the work of God with LWV

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