Stategic Objectives

  • To foster transformational development that is community based and sustainable focused mainly on needs of the vulnerable children, youth and families.
  • To Increase availability and accessibility to comprehensive HIV/AIDS, Improved quality of HIV/ AIDS and ultimately Increase uptake and utilization of HIV and AIDS and other health services
  • To strengthen partnerships and liaise with other government, donor agencies, well-wishers and other organizations with similar objectives and aspirations
  • To empower orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) care-givers and families to have access to a functional health facility, clean water source, safe environment, hygiene & sanitation, education, food security and sustainable agriculture, among others.
  • To promote advocacy, Human Rights and good governance for vulnerable children and their families. We believe that ‘Justice begins where inequality ends’
  • To support strategic initiatives that serves the church in the fulfillment of its mission.